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Welcome to P. R. Pote Patil College of Engineering and Management, Amravati

P. R. Pote Patil College of Engineering and Management, Amravati was established in the year, 2008 with the aim of providing professional education in the field of Engineering with an area of 10 acres. The College is focused on creating versatile engineers who can apply their knowledge and skills anywhere in the world. It is well known as a reputed institute for under-graduate programs in Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Data science, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering; and post-graduate programmes in Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The college also offers MBA and MCA courses.

Our Mentor

Shri. Ramchandraji M. Pote

P. R. Pote (Patil) Education and Welfare Trust, Amravati

Our Vision

To flourish as a center of excellence for producing the skilled technocrats and committed human beings.


Our Mission

  • To create conducive environment for teaching & learning.
  • To impart quality education through demanding academic programs.
  • To enhance career opportunities by exposure to Industries & recent technologies.
  • To develop professionals with strong ethics and human values for the betterment of society.

Quality Policy

We are committed to impart quality technical and management education as per the need and expectations of the students.

Shri. Pravinkumar R. Pote

P. R. Pote Patil Education & Welfare Trust's Group of Institutions, Amravati. & MLC, Amravati, Ex State Minister, Maharashtra

Shri. Shreyaskumar Patil

Vice Chairman
P. R. Pote Patil Education & Welfare Trust's Group of Institutions, Amravati

Dr. D. T. Ingole

P. R. Pote Patil College of Engineering and Management, Amravati
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Dr. Mohammad Zuhair

Vice Principal
P. R. Pote Patil College of Engineering & Management, Amravati

Our Eminent Guest

Our Top Recruiters

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Our Alumni Testimonials

Avinash Sukhdeve
Sr. Executive Team Leader, / Vivo India

In . P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering & Management, Amravati, it tremendously improved my leadership and inter-personal skills. I got to meet some wonderful people in my life and have a great learning experience. The institute has given me much apart from the knowledge i earned. I was shaped, molded and crafted in the journey of two years Post Graduate MBA Program which helped me to be placed on this position. I am really grateful to Department of MBA,. P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering & Management, Amravati.

Payal Malani
HR Executive, / Mphasis Ltd.

I found the way to understand the sky is not the limit, once I got selected for International Study Tour to Malaysia during my MBA Program by P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering & Management, Amravati, During this tour, I found and experience amazing ideas and getting to know the people. It almost felt like an astonishing learning experience for all of us. Similarly, during my whole PG Program also. I wish you all the best and suggesting to make your career brighter here.

Shahjad Ahemad

At . P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering & Management, Amravati, I felt empowered, motivated and encouraged to myself to the level of success I can achieve. It was also really nice to be applauded for all the hard work during my Post Graduate studies by the Department of MBA. This helps me a lot to develop some credentials by enhancing my skills and abilities, and as a result, I am placed on this position. I welcome you all here and wish a good learning experience.

Pooja Harwani
Finance Executive, / Collabra Technologies

Department of MBA, . P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering & Management, Amravati has given me confidence in my abilities and has inspired me to strive for greatness in all areas of my life throughout my Post Graduate Program and developing me as upcoming Finance professional in a multinational enterprise. I am very much grateful for being a prominent alumnus of Department of M.BA., P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering & Management, Amravati. Wish you all the best.

Mr. Nayan Bijagare
Team Lead, / Bitwise Inc

I take this opportunity to convey my profound gratitude to P. R. Pote Patil College of Engineering & Management, Amravati, for their never-ending support and commitment towards the students. The institute emphasizes on sharpening basic fundamentals while enhancing the student's communication skills. The professors here are all experts in their respective fields and as such are able to provide excellent technical knowledge to the students. The classes are very interactive and faculties to ensure that every student understand what is being taught before proceeding. Infrastructure of the college is also very good. The pre-placement activities were highly effective for us to have a clear idea on facing interviews. The various co-curricular activities built confidence and leadership skills in us.

Mr. Sandeep Gadhave
Technical Lead, / Fiserv Global Services

I am a student of M.C.A. department from first batch. I am proud to say that, I belong to this wonderful family. P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering & Management, Amravati has successfully accomplished its promises and objectives in providing quality education and overall development of all its students. Teaching faculties were always up to the mark and very cooperative. College keeps the students at the highest priority. College not only teaches students to have big pocket but to have big heart too. Here, you learn things in such a way that you can implement it for your whole life.

I can say that the time spent at P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering and Management, was of the best times of my life. My Department always promoted me in activities like sport, cultural, academic. The guest lecturers from various backgrounds have always motivated me to push my boundaries further beyond. I must say that whole teaching & non -teaching faculties have shaped my life to such a decent personality that is capable of handling any situation. Taking the student to International Industrial Visit was beyond any one’s imagination. I appreciate all the efforts that the whole institute takes towards the students.

Ms. Prachi Tetu

I Studied from P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering, Amravati. From the first year itself, we had experienced faculties & experts in all the subjects of Engineering. We had all the laboratories, facilities equipped with the necessary equipment, machinery setups for the necessary work & the Library with numerous volumes of books. Over the years I have observed that the college has evolved much in all the technical dimensions and delivering quality engineers every year because of the discipline academic practices. We were fortunate that Ex. President of India Hon. Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam had visited the campus to inaugurate the International level Technical Event “Techelons”. Strong Management of this Institute gives immense support to the students to evolve themselves not only as a good team member but also as a team leader and a manager.

Mr. Shantanu Nandurkar
M.S. in Automotive Engineering, / USA

P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering & Management, Amravati educates students in a very creative way and encourages them to think out of the box. I found that the method of teaching is different. The teachers and staff are helpful. They make sure that the students should be comfortable and progress well in their lives. However, the college not only helped me to excel in the academic field but also taught me a lot about a different culture and how to appreciate them. The best part of college is that they give you internships and placements in best- reputed organizations. During the most crucial time of placements, the faculty and placement team provides students with a lot of preparatory sessions so that they come up with their best. I believe that it is a privilege to be a part of this institute.

Mr. Abhijeet Gangawane
Rexnord India Pvt. Ltd. / Hyderabad

P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering & Management, Amravati has played a very crucial role in shaping my career. Faculty imparted great values in me that made me ready for the outside real world. Throughout the course, the faculties were very supportive and inspiring. Its vision of shaping lives through quality education makes it stand tall apart from the other institutions. PRPCEM is an institution where the emphasis is given on the overall development of the student with much priority to industrial visits, guest lectures, and personality development classes so that graduates can lead the world. I must say this is one of the finest colleges in its cadre and I feel proud to be graduated from this college.

Mr. Pavan Banbakode,
Assistant Inspector, / RTO, Maharashtra

I believe that the achievement of an organization is a result of the combined efforts of each individual. This is something that I learned at PRPCEM. The place that helped me build not only my career but an ambition that was fulfilled by the support of everyone. P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering & Management, Amravati believed in its students and that’s what makes this college stand out among others. College keeps the students at the highest priority. I am glad to be a part of institute.

Miss. Prerana Dehankar
Asst. Engineering, / MSETCL.

I am really thankful to P. R. Pote Patil College of engineering and management for blessing me with such an enriched environment. The supportive & encouraging staff at electrical department has always helped every student to excel in what they are good at through much kind of platforms like TECHELONES, departmental forums, college gatherings and many others. 4 years at PRPCE has given me a ton of technical knowledge, management skill, confidence and discipline which have made me to stand where I'm today. I would like to say a big thank you to all the faculties of Electrical Engineering Department and college for everything they've done for us and are still doing for future engineers. Thank you so much!!

Mr. Nikhil Pande

I completed my Graduation from P. R. Pote College of Engineering and Management, Amravati in 2016 from Department of Electrical Engineering. Since then, I have been working in Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai for last 3.7 years. I am really thankful to my department of Electrical Engineering for providing us vast opportunities in terms of Technical and Professional Learning like Internships in Sub Stations, Thermal Power Stations, Bhusawal Electric Loco Shed and the efforts taken behind each student. Also, I would like to mention special thanks for giving us a mega opportunity of an Industrial Foreign tour to Singapore so as to understand the Global Corporate World better. This has got a crucial hand in helping grow in my career in TCS. And a special thanks to the TP-CDC (Training Placed and Career Development Cell) of the college, where I spent 3 years as President and was able to help myself and many others grow professionally!! Thank you so much!!

Ms. Snehal Haridas Dighole
Software Developer, / Paramatrix, Mumbai.

“I had a splendid experience as a student of the P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering and Management. My 4 years at this institute probably had been the best of my life. I had been actively involved in many activities and fests through those years. I had very inspiring seniors who timely provides the guidance about the industry exposure. Participating and organizing events, volunteering, working on different projects beyond the given syllabus, being the member of the “Techelones” committee, having a broad spectrum of friends and acquaintances are some of the highlights. Overall, the engineering life has been very smooth and energetic for me at P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering and Management.”

Er. Ashish Kotwal
Privet Civil engineering consultant.

It’s my immense pleasure to become a part of the P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering and Management, for making my career successfully. One of the most amazing things given by campus in my graduation days is “Techelons”. The “Techelons” is a technical festival organized every year to enhance technical skills. It was inaugurated by Ex. President of India Hon. Late DR. APJ Abdul Kalam sir in 2011. The “Techelons” is an event where students get technical exposures through the various inspirational and motivational speakers. It was my dream to make a career in the private sector. I am very much thankful to faculty members of the Civil Engineering Department for guidance. It nourished me and thus gave me an opportunity to define myself as an entrepreneur.

Er. Aditi Rahate

Think Different, which is one thing that P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering and Management, urges in and too far extent succeed in teaching to its students which invariably helps to achieve what you need. It nourished me and thus allowed me to define myself. During my stay of four years in P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering and Management, I came across various people. I had received a lot of opportunities to groom myself, thanks to my ever-inspiring mentors who helped me to discover the talented part of myself. No wonder the Civil Engineering Department is still striving to achieve excellence, but in the due time, it has set some benchmarks in academia. P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering and Management trying to achieve the heights in rendering world-class education. I have learned a lot of basics of research and development with the help of the faculties of the Civil Engineering Department which helped me become an entrepreneur.

Mr. Mandar Deshmukh
Senior Unit Manager, / Bajaj Finserv, Pune.

The first moment I entered at P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering and Management, I met with nothing but energy and enthusiasm. The faculty and staff at this institution are helpful and cooperative. They all want their students to do well. This college has so many opportunities for the students to get the help they need. Professors helped me beyond words I can say. This college keeps the student first; the campus of this institute is huge, beautiful, clean & lush green. The training & placement department is very active and offers many job opportunities to deserving students. This institute has the finest infrastructure along with the biggest Auditorium in the Maharashtra region with the seating capacity of more than 5000 people. Huge respect, love, and devotion for entire faculty members and department.

Mr. Mayur Guhe
Product Specialist, / Dyson, Sydney, Australia.

A better human being, a better professional and a dream to achieve something big is all, I hoped for when I joined Electrical Engineering Department of P. R. Pote Patil College of Engineering and Management, Amravati. I am delighted to say that the faculties and the staff has helped me to achieve all dreams and developed not only my technical skills but also other aspects like leadership skills and Management skills. The college has great modern facilities which promotes great learning environment and flexible schedules that suit to meet the needs of a student. The Electrical Engineering faculties always inspired me to go above and beyond my limits and that habit of pushing myself beyond limits is successfully working for me here in Sydney, Australia

Mr. Aman R. Pursani (2012-2013)

“I am really thankful to P. R. Pote College of Engineering and Management, Amravati and its staff for giving me a path-breaking opportunity. I hope I can live up to my expectations and those of my teachers. The education received at Department of Electronics & Telecommunication engineering, helped me to work in my dream sector, and the experience at this organization is wonderful. The atmosphere of working in this corporate organization is of the highest level, and I can now feel I am on the way to a great professional career.”

Mr. Sushank Ashok Badge (2013-2014)
Design Engineer / TVS Motor Company, Hosur.

“I would like to thank you for providing me this opportunity. I have visited the department and delivered a guest lecture .I found that the facilities available in the department are excellent and all the labs are well maintained. Especially, the facilities available in research / IOT Lab are well equipped and up to the mark.Institute provides the opportunity for free foreign industrial visit for the toppers to cope up with the global challenges; surprisingly this one is the best practice.”

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Techelons 2023 : 17 Jan. 2023 - Rajeshwari Modi (Raj Didi)

P. R. Pote Patil Educational Group, Amravati
Techelons 2023 : International Tech Fest
Rajeshwari Modi ( Raj Didi)
Founder of NRSP, Mumbai

Venue :
P. R. Pote Patil Educational Group, Amravati
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