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Dr. Ajay B. Gadicha

Department of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science
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Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from many structural and unstructured data. Data science is all about using data to solve problems. Data science is bringing together all aspects of technology required for gathering, storing, analysing, and understanding data. This includes storage technology, distributed computing, data-driven modelling, data analytics and mining, visualization, and security, among others.

Data-driven businesses are worth $1.2 trillion collectively in 2020. India has welcomed technology with open arms and with initiatives like ‘Digital India’, it will only encourage the integration of technology in all spheres of life. India had over 564.5 million Internet users in 2020 and the number is consistently increasing. According to a study of the data science job market, 40% of global companies struggle to hire and retain data scientists. 1/3 of the top 400 Indian companies lack state-of-the-art data analysis tools and personnel. Further, the study estimate that 364,000 new jobs will be created in data by 2020 in India. According to a report from NASSCOM, by 2021, the total Data science & AI job openings in India is estimated to go by 2,30,000. But the fresh employable talent or university talent available will be just 90,000, leaving a huge gap of 1,40,000.

The student will be studying basic science and standard engineering subjects along with programming tools required for data science in the first year. In the second and third year, they will be specializing in data science-related topics, along with the required computational mathematics and statistical skills. The core subjects taught include fundamental subjects from computer science along with data analytics, cloud computing & management, machine learning, big data, and deep learning. In the last two semesters, students will specialize in the particular domain area of their interest by studying domain-specific subjects and doing a full semester project in the industry on the domain-related problem. Students taking the course will also intern at companies and take up projects in data science. This program provides ample opportunity for students to specialize in a particular aspect of data science through the electives and the project.

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering herewith welcomes the bright students, faculty, industries, sponsors and well-wishers to engage with us. We are dedicated to achieve excellence in Computer Science & Engineering for serving the growing needs of Software industry and society at a large. We focus on doing basic research and solving important problems in the core and emerging areas of computing as well as important problems of the world. We provide our students a challenging and well-rounded training, and prepare them to be able to innovate, solve problems, and take on an important role in the career of their own choice. We are looking to grow our Department to have high impact by attracting bright minds at all levels.
Dr. Ajay B. Gadicha

HOD, Computer Science & Engineering


To impart quality education and conduct research in data science relevant to needs of the industry, national and international community that will help to improve the quality of human life related to Data Science.


To prepare human resources with technical and management skills to meet the contemporary and futuristic Data Science demands of the industry and society at large by delivering relevant curriculum, using the state-of-the-art pedagogical innovations, and undertaking relevant research and especially practical on field applications of technology.

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