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Governing Body

Sr.No. Name Position
1 Shri. Pravinkumar R. Pote Chairman
2 Shri. Shreyash P. Pote Member (Nominated by Trust)
3 Dr. Mahendra P. Dhore Member (Nominated by Trust)
4 Adv. Pravin M. Mohod Member (Nominated by Trust)
5 Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University Nominee Yet to Receive Nomination
6 Dr. Rajendra P. Mogre Director of Technical Education Nominee
7 Regional Officer, WRC, AICTE Yet to Receive Nomination
8 Mr. Sanjay Jadhao Industrialist
9 Prof. Prashant Thombare Invited Member
10 Dr. Parag R. Wadnerkar Invited Member
11 Prof. Sunpreet Kaur Nanda Invited Member
12 Dr. Mohammad Zuhair Nominated Member (Teaching)
13 Dr. Rahul D. Ghongade Nominated Member (Teaching)
14 Dr. D. T. Ingole Member Secretary


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