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Research & Development Cell


Promoting high quality research in academics is necessary requirement for growth of individual and any organization. The objective of Research & development (R&D) initiatives undertaken by PRPCEM is to build research careers, support to strengthen the knowledge foundation and promote the creation of new applications, as well as societal impact of education, research and innovation. All education, research and innovation of this Institute should aim to be of a good quality. The goal of creating technological and social innovations has emerged alongside R&D-based activities.

The Research Promotion Scheme of Institute is aims to nurture research culture in the institute by promoting research in newly emerging and challenging areas of science and engineering. It encourages the Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Ph.D. Research Scholar candidates to undertake the research in newly emerging frontier areas of science and Engineering including multidisciplinary fields. This enhances the general research capability of budding technocrats by way of participating in conferences, seminars, workshops, project competition, etc.

Aims & Objectives

  • To create research awareness among the faculty and students
  • To enhance teamwork between researchers for interdisciplinary research
  • To establish links with different Industries, R&D organizations, provide funding for research activities.
  • To involve every faculty member in R&D activities, lead to Ph.D. degree and research proposal writing.
  • To enhance the research awareness by conducting various national level and international level workshops and conferences and guest lectures.
  • To establish the fruitful collaboration and interaction with researchers working on interdisciplinary research
  • Establish mutually beneficial linkages with industry, business, and the society at large.
  • Promote entrepreneurship among students and faculty.
  • Contribute to national endeavor to nurture talent for indigenous development of technology and technology products.

Constitution of R&D Cell (2020-21)


Name of Faculty




Dr. A. V. Kale

Principal & Executive Head


Dr. S. B. Warkad

Electrical Engg

Dean (R&D)


Dr. S. M. Tondre

Mechanical Engg

Deptt. Coordinator


Dr. A. S. Telang

Electrical Engg

Deptt. Coordinator


Dr. V. B. Padole


Deptt. Coordinator


Dr. C. A. Dhawale

Computer Science Engg

Deptt. Coordinator


Dr. N. P. Bhople

Civil Engg

Deptt. Coordinator


Dr. S. A. Shahare

Applied Science & Humanity

Deptt. Coordinator


Prof. N. S. Kariya


Deptt. Coordinator


Mr. R. G. Khope, IoCare

R&D Organisation

Opted Member


Mr. Ravindra Sharma, Autosys Indore

Industry Expert

Opted member

PhD Programme

Subject Department Intake Supervisors Contact Person
Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering 04

Dr. S. B. Warkad
Dr. A. S. Telang

Dr. S. B. Warkad, Dean (R&D)
Electronics Engineering Electronics Engineering 04

Dr. D. G. Wakde
Dr. R. D. Ghongade
Dr. G. D. Dalvi

Physics Science & Humanity 06 Dr. N. R. Thakare
Mechanical Engg Mechanical Engineering (Applied) Dr. P. R. Wadnerkar
Computer Science Computer Science & Engineering (Applied)

Dr. A. D. Raut
Dr. Ajay Gadicha

R&D Policy

Ph.D Cell Policy
Faculty for Higher Studies
Faculty Participation in Conference/STTP
Conference/STTP/FDP Organized
Faculty/Student Publications
Patent/IPR Publications
Book/Chapter Publication
Research Guidance – M.E / PhD
Sponsored Research
Research Lab/Product Development

Technical Magazine & Newsletter

Faculty Interaction with Outside World
Faculty Achievement – Awards/Honours
Peer Reviewing
Technical Workshops
Innovative/Live Projects
MOU with Universities and Industries


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